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Hot News Siren Launch at Craft Beer Co announced

Block out the 9th march in your diary. We are extremely excited to be launching all four of our core beers in all Craft Beer Co locations on the same day.

Sound Wave, Liquid Mistress, Broken Dream and Undercurrent will all be available in cask and keg format alongside each other. For even more amazing choice each bar manager will come down Us to choose a beer to make into their own. This should make for a great pub crawl to try each one across London before they run out.

Whether you are into super hoppy IPA’s, amazing roasty stouts, caramel reds (with loads of hops) or a balanced Pale there will be something calling your name.

We will be heading over to base ourselves in Clerkenwell from 12:00 to chat and answer any questions and are really looking forward to seeing you there.

Liquid Mistress Pancakes

Shamelessly stealing a recipe from a great cooking with beer book and armed with a 250ml charge of still fermenting Liquid Mistress, I set about making a malty hoppy based pancake.

The results were amazing, great caramel sweetness from the malt shone through giving the pancakes a very rich feel. The bitterness from the hops was prominent and whipped cream (it was all I had) was not quite sweet enough to balance the hops, but a great vanilla ice cream would have done the trick.


Tell us your pancake and beer ideas and we can share them here.

3 Brews In!

After more than a year and a half in planning, lots of stress with planners, lease issues and countless other things, Siren finally kicked off our first brew on Thursday. As a big 10% barley wine it had a fairly straight forward malt bill compared to some of our other beers but its own challenges in getting it spot on.  Whilst we had a few issues on brew day, which is to be expected on brand new kit, the beer sitting in the tank getting the full love treatment from the yeast is amazing.


Great colour

The first few tastes are exactly what we hoped for and with our plans for the beer for the next year, by the time it is bottled it will be stunning. Following on from this we kicked off Broken Dream and Liquid Mistress.  Broken Dream has a huge and complex malt bill and the brewhouse was filled with amazing aromas of raisins, chocolate and coffee and was absolutely black through the site glass

Broken Dream

Extremely black

Liquid Mistress had an equally complex malt bill, but with a huge hop addition throughout the boil and promises to be a very beautiful beer which will have no trouble living up to her naughty name.

Liquid Mistress

A beautiful red IPA – smells amazing already without the dry hops



The brewery is getting pretty full too.Image