Copenhagen Beer Festival

Copenhagen Beer Festival

We were very privileged to have been invited to the Copenhagen Beer Festival, which just into its second year is already famous for its amazing array of breweries, bringing together the best from around the world including Brasil & China.  The challenge for us – we were two months old – how to bring 9 different amazing beers.  Our solution was to bring cask which gave us the opportunity to try some experiments in a one off way.

before the storm

before the storm

Some of which worked extremely well, our gin spiced IPA was already working its way into a development stage, but now is firmly planted as something to do.  The Red Rind IPA was also excellent, and the Limoncello was superb, although it definitely needed to be cooler and have carbonation, a proper keg beer.

In fact there were a few people who didn’t get the british cask thing and asked us why we were serving warm flat beer, and to be fair once you have had your palette hammered by hoppy zingy cold beers with bubbles, you are going to struggle to appreciate a cask beer.  But all said and done the majority loved the beers as they were and could appreciate the experimentation that Cask could offer.


There were so many highlights to mention including the foodincluding Johns Hot Dogs, Uneka Cheese and the Chili guys were amazing.  The after party was superb and Copenhagen is such a great city.  If its not on your list of festivals to do – put it on now, you won’t be disappointed.  Some of the beers to be had were unbelievable including Firestone Walkers Parabola and Anniversary Ale and a great selection of Sours, Barley Wines 

Take a look at this video to from Evening Brews


Who Is The Pest?.

The brewing industry seems to throw up all sorts of interesting opportunities.  Probably one of the more unusual opportunities happened a few months ago when we were approached by the Nordic Food Labs who were running an event on exploring the deliciousness of insects.  They asked if we could make a beer that would be steeped in some form of insects and Koji.  We weren’t about to turn them down, what an interesting opportunity.

Whos the pest

We duly received some Koji (being a byproduct of a rice fungus that is used heavily in Sake and soy sauce production) in the post to taste, and then ascertain what style of beer would work well with it.  The insects were to be either Meal Worms or Crickets and both have a different flavour profile, but we had to choose the style of beer before we would know which insect it was to  be.  We decided on an oatmeal stout at 5.6% as the base beer as the Koji imparted flavours that work well with a stout amongst them coffee.

A couple of days before we were due to brew the beer our package arrive and once we got through all the packaging and dry ice we found our bag of meal worms to add to the beer.


We broke out the homebrew gear as this was only a 50l brew, and we planned to use the wort from and imperial stout we were brewing and then adding more water to hit the gravity target.  This was also the first Siren Craft Brew beers to hit bottles as Nordic wanted to serve the beers in 750ml bottles on each table.

Wormhole Bottles

The beer was well received and both nights were a great success.  Its worth taking a look at Nordic Food Labs blog on the event, its an interesting read.

The Copenhagen List

It sounds like a secret – well to be fair it has been, until this week when CBC posted our list of beers we are taking to the festival.  So here is a bit of information to go with the names

Bourbon Barrel Broken Dream – Our breakfast stout aged in Heaven Hill Bourbon barrels.

OI! Zeus! – Imperial Stout collaboration with Evil Twin. This monster of a stout at 15% packed with liqorice root and all the flavour of english fudge has been enhanced with chili, vanilla, and cinnamon.

Gin spiced Soundwave – Taking our West Coast IPA to a different level by aging over a fantastic array of botanical spices to used to make the best gin.

Chai Love You a Latte – Broken Dream – our Breakfast stout infused with Chai spices.

Limoncello IPA – This is an awesome collaboration with Mikkeller and Hillfarmstead. It will mess with your mind as an IPA designed to mimic LImoncello.  A slightly sour mash, combined with Lactose for sweetness, tonnes of lemon Zest and hopped to death with Sorachi Ace and Citra.

Experiment 366 – Golden Barleywine hopped with Mosiac, simcoe, citra, cascade, and the new US hop known as Experiment 366

Red Rind Liquid Mistress – Our Liquid Mistress Red IPA packed with red grapefruit zest to amplify the citrus punch.

Liquid Mistress – Our lovely Red IPA

Black and Blue Jesus – Our base beer collaboration used in Oi Zeus with 13 shots of Nespresso Ristretto and Arpeggio (Black & Blue Colours) added to the cask.

This celebration is an ideal time to test and push the boundaries of brewing, some of these ideas and concepts are already forming into concepts for production beers for us and a place like Copenhagen is a great place to see how they are received.  If you are lucky enough to have a ticket, we look forward to seeing you there.

A Quality Fizz

We love beer on cask, but we also adore beer on keg and in some cases it absolutely calls for it to be served colder and with more carbonation. So for us it’s important that as we want to serve our beers in keg, we get it right. And up to now, our chances of getting it spot on have been a bit hit and miss, and that is not what we are about.

We have had a device on order that should have been with us before we started brewing, but for many reasons beyond our control it wasn’t, however back up plan is now in action and replacement device is now with us and working.

It’s called a Gehaltemeter and its an odd looking thing, but it means we can set the right CO2 level per beer and get it right every time.

Amen to that.

Copenhagen to fall for the Sirens

Siren Craft Brew is set to charm our way into the folds of the Copenhagen Beer Celebration, held by Mikeller. Obviously it is a huge honour to be invited, and we plan to bring some interesting ideas to the party.

CBC 2013

CBC 2013

Unfortunately we cannot say exactly what we are doing as we have promised to keep it a secret so the organisers can have some of the fun in announcing what will be going on, and fair play to them.

If you didn’t make it last year, CBC has already become one of the most sought after beer festivals in Europe to go to. This year promises to be even better than last so we are very excited.

Just to tease any of you who are lucky enough to have a ticket, CBC will have a sneak preview of some barrel aging experiments we have been running as well as some highly individual cask products that form the basis of beers we have in the pipeline. Exciting stuff indeed.

Meeting old Friends

Tuesday and Wednesday the 22nd and 23rd of April see Siren Craft Brew hosting the 3 guest taps at the Pembroke, Earls Court for a private party.

Undercurrent, Soundwave and Broken Dream have been chosen to entertain and allure the customers of Bytes Security Partnerships as part of their Inn-formation Security event running parallel with an event at Earls Court.

Along with great food and a host of other entertainment, this promises to be a fun couple of days, and a great opportunity for us to catch up with old friends.

The Pembroke 2

Barrels, barrels and more barrels

So what brewer isn’t running some sort of Barrel Aging program. “Program” that sounds very officious and serious, and rather like something dreamt up by a marketing team. Thats not what we do at Siren, we do what excites us and we think that certain beers and certain barrels can add a huge amount of flavour and fun to a beer.

We just want to make exciting and interesting beers, we also happen to have a bit of space (now that we have taken the unit next to us) and feel that there are so many possibilities for flavour exploration that barrels can offer us.

So far, we have our Anniversary beer, slumbering in several different barrels all waiting for a bit of mixology and a year to pass.

We also have Broken Dream sitting in a bourbon barrel – man that has a huge vanilla hit, along with Liquid Mistress and Broken dream in two very high quality red wine barrels at the moment.

ImageAs of next week our newly brewed Golden Barley wine will start its extended sleep in some rather large Grand Marnier barrels. All of which have an amazing aroma before we have put anything in them.

We are hoping to put up our proper web site in the next couple of weeks and if you like your beers to be aged then keep an eye out for our barrel section to see what we have on and are planning. Even better, have any ideas that you would really like to see us try, let us know.